Wes when grooving along to the sweet tunes of Zalz.
Born 1999 (age 15-16)
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Reactor and Cosplayer
Relatives unknown
Known for Being a companion of Zalzar
Awards none
Sexual orientation Very hard to read
Signature Wesign

Wes Edit

Wes, previously known as Al, is most commonly known for their contributions to the reaction video community. They came in contact with Christoffer when listening to his famous song Springtraps Sorrow.[1]

Wes has been recognized several times for their groovy moves when listening to music. These dance moves include, swooshing their head from side to side,[2] or nodding their head at a rhythm-like tempo.[3] All in all, Wes is far from the party's wallflower.

Social Life Edit

In one of Wes' videos, they showcased two of their close friends. One of which was named Chris and wouldn't shut up on Wes' demands. [4]

Pewthepiexx Edit

As Wes started getting more recognition and support, Pewthepiexx (Zalzar's biggest fan) started getting envious of the channel's success. Being an ostracized teen, seeing your biggest idol give all of his praise to somebody new in the game might not be too inviting. With that being said, Pewthepiexx was furious. He wrote a mean comment on one of Wes's videos. After that, hell was unleashed.[5]

Interest in dolls Edit

Wes has in their later years shown an unusual interest for puppetry and dolls. [6] [7] Their companion psychiatrist has stated that this shouldn't worry their fans, since Wes has shown an interest in stuff before, such as Five nights at Freddies and Dipper Pines.

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