The FroxieGames Incident
Froxie's manipulated Zalzar banner.
Location Facebook
Date July 13, 2014
Target Zalzar
Perpetrator FroxieGames

The FroxieGames Incident was a traumatic event that occurred on Facebook on July 13, 2014. FroxieGames, an up-and-coming Let's player, stole Zalzar's banner and covered up his logo. Zalzar discovered the travesty and made sure to leave Froxiegames a note, rightfully explaining that Froxie would risk Copyright infringement. Froxiegames soon dissapeared from facebook and was never seen again.


The Facebook pageEdit

Froxiegames created his facebook page on June 30, 2014. He had uploaded both his facebook profile picture, as well as his facebook banner on that date. He had also written the message "Think I'm gonna have a CS GO Giveaway today :)" on his facebook wall, which also could have been an element to start the fire.

According to various master detective companions, there is no evidence that Froxiegames had a CS GO Giveaway. This was most likely created to scam people, and Froxie was most likely some kind of hacker, praying on innocent people by using a CS GO Giveaway to use as bait. Since Froxie disappeared so soon that is most likely the case.

Froxie's Antisocial personality disorderEdit


FroxieGames's icon.

Froxie's behavior can be equated to that of ASPD, or Antisocial personality disorder, which, according to psychologist companions, is a metal disorder that makes people feel less sympathy for others. Froxie clearly had very little sympathy for the people he was most likely scamming with his "giveaway".


Meanwhile, Zalzar had put up a status on his facebook page a few days before the incident, describing his new earphones and mouse he had recently bought. The shiny new earphones and mouse were in a "beautiful companion blue" color, which matched his stylish banner and profile picture, something he didn't realize when he had bought them.

Afterwards he told his companions that he was going to have a "The Wolf among us" marathon and that he was going to play through an entire episode in one evening, which he eventually did. Zalzar was sadly not aware though, of the horrible incident that was soon going to occur.

The IncidentEdit