PewthepieXX's icon. It's unknown if it depicts his real face or not.
Born ca. 1999-2002
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Professional Let's Player and Reactor
Relatives A mother who interupts his let's play videos
Known for Hatred of Redbull and love of Zalzar
Awards none
Sexual orientation most likely gay
Signature Pewthepie1

PewThePieXX is a young swedish teen. Not much is known about him other than him being the biggest fan of Zalzar ever.

PewThePieXX is the glitch master. Known for his amazing abillity to find glitches, he has single handedly destroyed Portal[1]. He is also amazing at Slender[2]. His video about the jumpscares was the video that made him famous.

PewThePieXX has a rather dramatic background with MikaelPlays.

PewThePieXX thinks that Zalzar will always be with him, like a religion. There is evidance of this in the CS:S video[3].

PewThePieXX enjoyes horror games and everything in the horror game genre. This is mostly noticable in the FNAF[4][5] and Slender[6] videos.

PewThePieXX is not a fan of PewDiePie. This is because PewThePieXX believes he came up with the PewDiePie name before. That is why he is not in the broarmy.

Relationship to Wes Edit

As PewThePieXX was struggling to get the acceptance of his idol, a new person joined the game. This person's name was Wes. Being an ostracized teen, seeing your biggest idol give all of his praise to somebody new in the game might not be too inviting. With that being said, PewThePieXX was furious. He wrote a mean comment on one of Wes' videos. After that, hell was unleashed. Aside from Wes, PewThePieXX has been harassing countless other companions. These include, Jerejoe and Mikaelplays. [7]

Schizophrenia Edit

Some companions believe him to be schizophrenic. There is a lot of proof providing this theory. If you watch his Zalzar animation collabs, there are other people doing animation in the video, but in the Die Redbull video, there are only two people who are there. PewThePieXX and his brother (who filmed everything just so PewThePieXX can feel more secure with his other personalities). The names of all his personalities are Albin, Linus, Anton, Tom and Kevin. The biggest proof that these names are connected are via the murder of Kevin Berggren. This murder was caused by some trauma Kevin had during his childhood. This is why it is thought Kevin Berggren is actually PewThePieXX.

The Identity Theft Incident (2014) Edit

During the Identity Theft Incident. PewThePieXX was not pleased. He started targeting the hacker and accusing him of being a fake and a liar. The hacker didn't enjoy this, so he made a video of him and Zalzar battling Mikaelplays and PewDiePie. This was done so it would look like PewThePieXX was the culprit of the hacking. PewThePieXX still today defends his title and will not let another channel go through with what he had, so he started a campain to make people more alerted of people who have been hacked. The campain didn't do well.[8]


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