JereJoe as he appears in "Omegle Meetup"
Born Unknown
Nationality American
Occupation Let's player
Relatives Unknown
Known for Being Zalzars best let's player friend
Awards none
Sexual orientation Very, very gay
Signature Jeree

Jerejoe is a famous let's player currently living in the United States. He is most commonly recognized for his several flirtations with Christoffer Lorell. This can very easily be picked up in his video Just Cause 2 - Random Moments w/ Zalzar! :D . [1]

YouTube career Edit

Jerejoe is a let's player feeding off of Zalzar's success. He has stated that meeting Zalzar was the high point of his career, both let's-play wise and love wise.[2] Having Zalzar by your side is always a plus. [3]

"The PewThePieXX Incident of 2015" Edit

You can't have a famous YouTube companion without having PewThePieXX take part of the story. As Jerejoe gained support by Zalzar's many companions, PewThePieXX was burst with rage. As of the summer of 2015, he wrote an awfully upsetting comment on of his latest videos at the time. The comment was later removed by Jerejoe, but an improved transcript still remains. [4]

"Look, Jerejoe. This whole Zalzar ass kissing thing you do, it needs to stop. It's super obnoxious and noticeable. Zalzar is getting annoyed. Please stop." -PewThePieXX

"The Three Amigos" Edit

Zalzar, Jerejoe and their third friend NicknameNiko are known as "The Three Amigos". They are widely recognized as the three greatest friends in the entire let's-play community. The group name was thought of by NicknameNiko, Zalzar's mexican friend. [5] [6]

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