Edowado was a facebook artist, mostly known for the Edowado Incident, in which Edowado tricked Zalzar into thinking that he had made amazing fan art for him when in reality he had stolen another persons drawing from Deviantart and manipulated it.

The incidentEdit

The Edowado Incident
EPIC zalzar fanart
The fraudulent fan art picture that Edowado created.
Location Facebook
Date April 11, 2015
Target Zalzar
Perpetrator Edowado

On April 11, 2015 Edowado uploaded his "fanart" to Zalzars official facebook page. It was met with praise as it was of very high quality. Zalzar was so impressed that he used the drawing for his facebook banner as well as his twitter banner. Many companions became envious of Edowados amazing artistic skills. However, on July 2 of the same year, a skilled detective companion discovered that Edowado had been copying a drawing from Sakimichan, a deviantart user.

Edowado, now exposed, soon deleted his facebook page. Zalzar was mortified. He still had the banner up in hopes of this claim not being true, but alas, it was. Zalzar changed his banner on September 23. This new banner was made by true companion and real artist FletchFeather.


No one knows about the identity of Edowado. Many companions speculate that it was PewThePieXX and that this was done as a way for him to make Zalzar pay more attention to him than to Wes, who Zalzar had been in very close contact with before this incident.